Landscapes continually evolve over the years with homeowner changes or lifestyle changes. Nature’s Canvas can help bring a sense of unity to the living spaces outside your home whether sprucing up an existing yard, adding a colorful perennial bed, problem-solving issues of erosion, privacy, pet territory, or starting the design layout around your brand new home.

Outdoor rooms are an extension of your interior rooms. As well as having a welcoming entrance at the front of your home, your backyard living room can be a relaxing oasis or an attractive social area that blends well with your lifestyle.

Nature’s Canvas is the creation of designer, Bonnie Martel. With the aid of 3D visuals (photo and walk-thru style videos) experience the flow and envision the feel of a new or redesigned exterior home space. We’d love to share our passion with you. Explore this website for info and tips. Contact us for any assistance we can provide.

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